Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thomas the Train birthday party

I'm alive! Yes.

I just wanted to check in with the www and post a few pictures of my son's 3rd birthday. He is obsessed with Thomas the Train so we decked out the house with painters tape and made a train track for him to actually ride with one of his ride able push cars. He was in heaven.

I also made a Thomas the train cake. It was fairly easy, just really time consuming. You can find out how to make any type of number from cake on this website (thatslife).
After making the cake I covered it in frosting and made the tracks with hershey's chocolate bars (only took about 2 regular bars) and some black frosting. 

I also lined the cake with his favorite candy, M&M's. It took a little bit of work and time but it's all worth it for my little boy's face of complete happiness. :) The things we do for our kids..... :)


Brenda J. Harvey said...

Amazing train track cake.Your son is so cute.

tracy said...

How many people did the 3 cake serve? I love this idea!

Sheila... said...

@tracy, If I remember right, it served more than 10 people. We had 10 and didn't finish it. Of course, we had ice cream too. :)

April said...

So cute! Love the train track on the floor. What did you use to make the RR crossing? How did you affix it to the post? Thanks!

Jenny Steele said...

Love this! But what is the green part of the cake? Is the 3 sitting on top more cake? Or did u frost the dish?

Abby said...

Thanky Thanky for all this good informatoin!


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