Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The littlest Mermaid Party

(Crowns here)

My little KaiKai turned 5 in July and for weeks she has been planning out (along with my giddy self) a mermaid party. I tried to steer clear of the commercialized "mermaid" and successfully did so until the day of the party. I showed Kai the cake and she said, "Where's Ariel?". Dang it! Almost did it. So I quickly printed off an Ariel and plopped her in the cake somewhere. It turned out great though. More important, the birthday girl loved it. 

 The cake was easier than it looks. I baked two cake mixes; one in a 9x13 pan and the other in 2 loaf pans. I trimmed the 9x13 and then stacked the 2 loaves on top each other. With the extra trimming I added the two square pieces on top. I also used 5 ice cream cones. For the sand I crushed 2 different colors of cookies (graham and pepperidge farm chessman cookies).
Coat everything in icing, including cones, and add the crumbs all over. I also made some glass candy for the sea glass arch. The purple fringe cake bunting can be found in my ::Party Accessories:: shop here :)

 This little pinata was fun to make. I bought a "hula" girl, luau, party pinata and transformed her legs and hair. It turned out better than I had originally planned.

Some of the favors: a pocket mirror and a "Dinglehopper"

The table decor included a name card, mermaid head crown, a 'scale' table runner and some other shells and sand decorations. It helps to live near the ocean. I found almost all thecoral, shells and sand.

Blue Ocean Juice (my daughter called it Mermaid Water) was made of blue Powerade and some sprite. 

After the party I always ask myself why I do such crazy things...  as I'm left exhausted. But when the next day comes I'm already thinking of what we can do next year. I'M CRAZY!!!

Kai loved it and her friends had a blast.


D Phanchalad said...

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Fred Hutchinson said...

Wow that is an extravagant party! Do you go all out every year? That is great that you steered clear of the typical Disney decorations. thank you for the originality. Keep up the good work!
Fred Hutchinson |

vinh hoàng said...

Bán trang sức - phụ kiện hợp kim giá rẻ tại HCM

Abby said...

wow such a beautiful party kid's party decoration.

Drew Watts said...

This mermaid birthday bash was truly magical. I liked everything in this bash. We just celebrated our daughter’s 6th birthday at kids’ special New York venues but I would love to throw a DIY mermaid party on my niece’s birthday. Thanks for sharing inspiration!


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