Monday, January 9, 2012


I made a few necklaces (bought then altered) for some friends for Christmas. They were simple so they needed an extra special package to be wrapped in.

This was very simple to make. All you need is kraft paper, a sewing machine, paper doily and some bakers twine (or other string/twine).

Measure up your gift and wrap the kraft paper around it (I smashed and crinkled up my paper before wrapping to give it texture and dimension). Make sure to leave enough room on both ends to be able to make a zig-zag stitch with your sewing machine.

After sewing, place your doily where you want with a piece of tape on the back of it. Then string up and wrap with your twine with a tag attached.

This packaging would be great for Valentine's Day too.


A Mermaid said...

Oh oh oh!!! I hope that Steph is ME! I can't wait!

sheila said...

haha. YES Steph. It is. come claim your, now Valentines Day, gift.


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