Thursday, January 5, 2012

The make-up holiday, Valentines Day

I look forward to Valentines Day, not for the chocolate or the romantic dinner with my significant other (even though I really do like those things), but to give or receive that one gift you were wanting for Christmas but didn't get!?!? You know the one? My husband and I tend to talk about what was on our list that didn't make the cut, or see something on sale that we might really need... Well, we now have a really good excuse to get it..... Valentine's Day! So here is to you, Valentine's Day... the make-up holiday in my book.

Here are just a few items stocked up in the shop for V-day...

Heart-felt card (set of 2)
2 Felt Heart cards

 Valentines Day printable chocolate/candy wrappers

 Felt Heart Banner/Garland

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