Friday, April 1, 2011


I am expecting our third child in about 7 months and all the little guy wants me to eat are Peeps. Seriously, I crave them all the time. So... I thought I'd leave some tasty marshmallow treats for you to drool over for the weekend.
Peep, peep.

 (links below)

10. I know these aren't PEEPS, but it was too cute not to post, Marshmallow Bunny Tails

Happy Weekend and APRIL FOOLS about the pregnant thing. No children for a while.


Paper-Charmed said...

congrats on expecting another bundle of joy!

We like to party... said...

oh, no... that was the APRIL FOOLS part.


Paper-Charmed said...

oh :) i guess i didn't see that part :).
just saw your blog about your son's upcoming 1st birthday :)

Paper-Charmed said...

it's funny, i used that "i'm pregnant" joke for april fools on my sisters for the past few years. and they always fell for it. i didn't use it this year :)


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