Monday, April 4, 2011

How to: tissue garland

I made this little tissue garland to hang up for various birthdays and holidays. Here's the how-to in case you wanted to, well, know how-to.

You'll need: tissue paper, string, and some shredding scissors (or regular scissors will work)

Step one: Cut out various colors of regular tissue paper into rectangles (the tissue paper you use for gift wrap). I cut mine into rectangles around 4.5x3inches, but you can do whatever size you prefer.

Step 2:  Fold about 5 sheets in half length wise. Cut towards the fold but not cutting all the way to the fold, like the photo. Here is where your shredding scissors come in handy. Regular scissors work, but take much longer in time.

 Step 3: Unfold each rectangle and pinch the two sides (that aren't cut up) together. Like the photo.The more the merrier.

While you're at it... wrap a few candies for someone using the tissue. Brazilians do this for their parties and it looks awesome when there are hundreds of candies together wrapped up like this.

Next: get your string and tie a single knot onto the middle of the tissue and fold both ends to one side, as pictured.

Repeat steps until you get what you want. Remember, the more the merrier.

Hang and admire. Ah!

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