Friday, October 15, 2010


If the Japanese people and culture didn't exist, 
our world would be a dull place. 
I think they originate some of the most detailed yet simple arts and crafts.
I LOVE everything Japanese (down to the food). 

Enter, Furoshiki; eco-friendly fabric gift wrap.

 GIVE LUCK (Reusable Fabric Gift Wrap)

The wrapping style isn't called Furoshiki, but that is what I like to call it. Furoshiki is actually the piece of Japanese cloth that is used to wrap gifts in. It is make of silk or cotton or whatever else. And they are usually bright colors or have some cool pattern on them (search the web to find some great demonstrations or ideas.)
My eyes are peeled for inexpensive pieces of cloth right now. I plan on wrapping most of my kids Christmas gifts Furoshiki-style this year (great because they will be re-usable for years to come).

Click here for 10 different ways to wrap.
Also here at Kakefuda. The instructions are in Japanese, but they have pictures to follow. Just click on a picture you like then click the first link in the new page.

**Update: for more furoshiki folds and fabrics go to this ridiculously cool blog, myfuroshiki.
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myfuroshiki said...

Furoshiki are such a neat idea! I’ve posted some ways I use my furoshiki as reusable gift wrap and to make different styles of bag at Happy eco wrapping!


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