Thursday, October 14, 2010

THE craft of the season:

Chalkboard Pumpkins!
They have become not only my daughter's favorite thing to play with, but mine too!
I highly recommend that everyone make one.

We took a craft pumpkin (the fake ones that are the styrofoam/rubbery type) and spray painted some chalkboard paint on it. 
I saw the idea on this blog -Zakka Life, she has detailed instructions if you need them. But it's pretty self explanatory, just spray.

We also took a cheap $1.99 plastic pumpkin (those trick-or-treat baskets) and painted that too, which works fine (also about 90% cheaper- those craft pumpkins can get pricey, but they last forever). The cheaper pumpkin was actually less frustrating to draw on for my daughter because it doesn't have deep grooves like the other.

Zakka Life blog said the paint also comes in colors... you could make a few for Thanksgiving too!

That chalkboard spray paint has become my new best friend.
I can't wait to see what else we can make with it.

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