Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY of the week: 1st year photo banner

I made this little banner for my son's birthday party when he turned 1. 

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I snapped 13 photos of him throughout the year, one for each month until he turned 1 (including newborn picture) and then strung them to a ribbon by clipping it to clothes pins attached with a numbered tag.
After the party I strung it up in his room. Almost one year later it is still up there (I just can't bare to take it down yet-he's so cute).

I do realize that this DIY isn't for everyone... but you could customize it to fit your needs.  For example, a 50 year birthday... you could take a few photos of each decade... or even an anniversary.

The instructions are so easy I feel awkward typing a "how to".... but here it is:

-13 photos (newborn and 12 months)
-ribbon long enough to string and tie all your photos (I think mine was about 3-4 yards). The thicker the ribbon, the better. If you were wanting something small, like twine, the smaller clothes pin clips work best or the weight will be too much and it will topple over. Does that make sense? haha- just trust me.
-13 clothes pins (the smaller ones are cuter and less noticeable)
-paper, pen or computer/printer to make tags with each numbered month
-paint to color clothes pins or (my preference) washi tape
(my favorite site to get washi tape is from PrettyTape)

1. Cover one side of the clothes pin with your washi tape- or paint clothes pin.
2. Tape or glue the numbered tag on the decorated side of the bottom section (the mouth) of the clothes pin. I printed mine out to fit in a 1.5" circle punch.
3. Clip pins on ribbon and pictures.


Tip: It's actually easier to tie the ribbon where you want it to be hung and then clip on the photos. But either way works


Stephanie said...

Such a cute idea! Totally pinned it.

Jessica said...

Adorable! I would like to make this for my son's first birthday next week. How did you make the tags? I love the color and design!

Sheila... said...

Thanks, Jessica!
I printed the tags out on card stock and then used a circle punch to cut them out.

aarein said...

Adorable! Where did you get the font for the numbers?

Anonymous said...

Could you share the month tags or put them on your etsy sale site? If you could email it to adavis82584@yahoo.com I'd be grateful!


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