Monday, February 27, 2012

Pinterest Challenge(s) as of lately

I've been doing well with this pinterest-challenge-a-week thing (trying to make/do something I pinned on pinterest at least once a week). I'm just not doing so well on posting them every week. Here they are as of late...

#1: From this pin Some really good and really easy homemade tortillas!

  #2: Got my hair cut! kind of like this 
 ok it doesn't look exactly like this, but this is what I was going for (short layers)

#3: I made these and they were gone within 10 minutes
I baked them at 300 degrees using the convectional oven for 30 min, flipping them after 20 min. 
Yum yum!

#4: This dessert was amazingly good! Honestly, sooo sososososo good!

#5: I bought this cute fabric (britten hus from IKEA) and thought of making something with it... after looking up the fabric online I found this!

so I made these...

Oh and we also made this play mat (created from this pin) during that day to play with our new "plush" houses.

#6: I started making this pillow (in gray) and decided to handstitch the coral onto the fabric (haha, lets just say it took a good week, here and there, to finish) but it's almost done now! Just need to sew the two pieces together and stuff.

White Coral Embroidered Throw Pillow Cover  18 x 18 by KainKain, $22.00

 Up next for this week?.....

Well, my 3 year old is into puppets lately, so we'll give this a try. 

What have you been pinning and doing lately?

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Stephanie said...

You are amazing!!!!! I am so excited to make something just because I read this post! I love the plush houses! We have the doorway puppet theater- it is fun! Mine is made with an adjustable rod for the top and that helps for different sized doorways and whatnot. Anyway, way to be awesome!


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