Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgivng menu

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in one week!!!
I'm super excited that we'll be staying at our own house and having family over this year. I thought I'd share what dishes I'll be in charge of making. Enjoy!

This first one will surely be a crowd-pleaser. It's called Cranberry Slush, and it's a great way to incorporate cranberries into the meal rather than a sauce or jelly.
It's also great because you can make it the night before and get it out of the way. I made it last year and everyone LOVED it.... so naturally (and by order), I'll be making it again.
 Recipe and complete instructions from This Week for Dinner,  (I made the quick recipe).
You'll need:
- 4 cans whole cranberry sauce
- 3 quarts cranberry juice
- 2 quarts ginger ale


I'm a little worried, being that I've never made it before. But after searching for a good pumpkin cheesecake recipe, this one looks the best. After reading pumpkin, cream cheese,  chocolate, caramel, nuts... it had me hooked. 
For ingredient lists and instructions go to Betty Crocker.
Turtle Pumpkin Cheesecake

 And also from Betty Crocker, easy-peasy, classic..... Green Bean Casserole 
I LOVE the french fried onions on this one...
Green Bean Casserole

What are you planning on making for Thanksgiving!? 
I'm interested to know your recipes.


liko said...

oooh! the cranberry slush!!!!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

That cranberry slush sounds delicious! Too bad I found your post too late for this Thanksgiving.


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