Saturday, September 24, 2011


Inspiration. It's a funny word if you think of it too much... especially on pinterest. It seems that all I do lately is get inspired (rather, like the image I see) and then pin. end of story.
I need to do a pinterest challenge and actually make and do things I pin.

Ok, here is my pledge.
THIS WEEK: I will make one pin for every pin I make. Make sense? bahahhaaa.

Anyways, back to inspiration. I'm glad my cousin came to visit a few months ago and inspired me to paint our bedroom wall with breadfruit tree leaves.

I love it.
And thus, had to share it.
the end.


stephanie joy said...

I love it! I think our crafty Thursday dates will help with this goal and I want in! I was just thinking the other day how Pinterest served as a collection of things I was actually using or keeping track of for a specific purpose at first and now, for me, it's like a free for all of OHHH I LIKE THAT!!! and then that's it- as you said. Here's to actually DOING stuff! Amen.

sweet said...

Hi I'm your newest follower... beautiful shop!

liko said...

i love it, too!!


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