Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Kai Kai's Balloon Birthday

My daughter turned the big 3 last week and we had a little celebration for her. 

The night before I spent about an hour filling up balloons.
tip- there are cheap hand pumps at Wal-mart for about $2-3 in the party supply section.
It will save your diaphragm from bursting.

I pumped about 100 and then decorated the house with them.

These signs and garland led her to our downstairs after she woke up,
to where all the balloons were. 

When she got downstairs and saw everything she whispered, "wow!". 
It was a priceless moment and, to me, worth going to bed at midnight the night before.
Then, she just sat in the middle of them all for a little while.

We celebrate every meal with some candles and the song "Happy Birthday".
This was dinner. She had strawberry cookies instead of a cake
since we were having cake the day after for her party. 

Invitations I made for her party

-it was really simple:
I had some scrap paper with clouds on them 
(you can even draw clouds on paper too)
I then cut out small circles of washi tape and
placed them on the paper like balloons. 
Next, draw strings with a pen and 
then write the party info along the cloud lining.
Back it up with card stock and ...

::The Party::

The birthday girl

My daughter loves lollipops, and since they are pretty much in the shape of balloons, I had to make some. I made li hing mui lollipops
(recipe here, I altered it a bit and added jello powder for color and flavor instead of t
he recipe flavor and coloring. I also omitted the powdered sugar. 
After pouring it into molds, I dropped a li hing mui seed in the center). 

The kids liked hitting the water balloon pinata's! 
We eventually had to tape a plastic fork to the bat so they would break.
They were tough balloons!

Since our house was filled with balloons I used a few and strung them on a string for a garland outside.

The favors were personalized water guns and sponge poms

They are easy to make too:
Cut a sponge length wise into three strips.
Cut as many as you like for each pom, just as long as you can tie them.
I used 2 sponges, 6 strips, per pom.
Then, stack them together and tightly tie a string in the middle around them all.

Happy Birthday Miss Kai Kai!!

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Fräulein Glückspilz said...

Happy Birthday from me toooo!!!
Such a beautiful party!



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