Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthday Season (and balloons)

I only have two kids but they are born one month apart in July. So while my husband and I celebrate our birthday in April together, it seems like we have a month long celebration in those two months.

I am planning up both kids parties right now (my son's will be bigger, being that he is turning 1), but I can't help myself turning all my thoughts to my daughters' party theme: BALLOONS! (her preferred toy)

Maybe because balloons make everyone smile.
Some inspiration for the party (collected from my pins):

I love all the ideas of hanging balloons upside down. It cuts the costs of helium and you get to see the more rounder part of the balloon.


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stephanie joy said...

AH! So magical! I love this.

Paper-Charmed said...

love the first image! love this post.


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