Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Royal Couple and a Golden Birthday


The Royal Couple knows a good date for a wedding when they see one... April 29th!
It's not only the 5th anniversary for my husband and I but it is also my birthday. Yes, we got married on my birthday (my husband will never forget important dates).
And this coming Friday isn't just my birthday... its my golden birthday.
29 years old on the 29th!!!

Since your golden birthday only happens once a lifetime, I'm celebrating big time.

Actually, It's been a 2 week affair. ha! My 2 kids and I have been celebrating the past week and will continue on celebrating this coming week.
Some of our activities:
-hitting up Target for some new swim wear, Easter outfits, and clothes
-making homemade play dough
-picking out some new shoes
-eating malasadas
-having some pre-Easter egg hunts (practice, I say)
-strolling down to the petting farm with the kids
-the beach

And no, we won't be tuning in to watch the big Royal wedding next Friday. We've decided to celebrate our own special dates with our kids here in Hawaii for a little staycation.
Which I am too excited about.

But here's to you, William and Kate!

If you are wanting free royal wedding party printables click on over here to design editor.
image from design editor


Marci Wittwer Butterfield said...

Happy Golden Birthday on Friday!! Party it up. I think we both must like the number 29 cause both our birthdays and anniversaries are on it-- makes it easy to remember right?

Paper-Charmed said...

Hey, it's my birthday, too! How about that! I've blogged about this (The Royal Wedding falling on the same day as my birthday) on my site.

Happy birthday to you, girl! ...oh and Happy Anniversary!


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