Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Egg garland

I came home with empty Easter eggs from the store the other day. They were too colorful and cute not to put them on display so instead of leaving them in the bag we ended up with this until Easter morning (when they'll be coming down to be stuffed and hidden)...

I'm all about easy and this is definitely easy. 
If you know how to tie a knot then this craft is for you.

You'll need:
-plastic eggs
-colorful bakers twine (or any string)

-Cut your twine to your desired length of the garland.
-Cut strips of tulle, enough for two pieces in between each egg. I cut 50 4"x2" strips and my garland measures about 9 feet when hung (including swags).
-Place the string across the center of an egg and clamp shut.
-Clamp all eggs on twine then tie two strips of tulle in between each egg.
That's it!

Happy egg hanging!!

1 comment:

Justine @ Urban Scarlet said...

aw, what a lovely and simple idea! did you submit it to my diy challenge i'm holding? i think you should consider it :)


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