Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami scare and prayers for Japan

 image from Tribune

We had quite the scare two nights ago due to the earthquake in Sendai, Japan forming a tsunami our way. After a sleepless night, nothing damaging or dangerous happened on Oahu. I am very grateful for that. I think only a few houses, hotels, and stores on the big island and Kauai got flooded... NOTHING in compared to Japan though. It leaves me kind of speechless...

It's just overall awful and saddening for the people there. My prayers are going their way.

There are quite a few visitors from Japan here with relatives from the area as well as Hawaii residents with family who live there. It's just a waiting game to see if they are alive. In case there is someone out there with family or friends in Japan (who is reading this), you can list you and your lost ones here with Red Cross to make that connection to know they are safe.

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Paper-Charmed said...

Hello! Just want to let you know about a really great fundraising effort put together by two bloggers for Japan. Check it out here: Thanks!


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