Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 cakes please

Well, if you can't choose what flavor of cake you want for your birthday, just do what Heidi did with My Paper Crane.... make 5 cakes to please your tastebuds!

-chocolate with buttercream
-chocolate mint with thin mint girlscouts baked in, and then crushed and dusted over the frosting (would be my favorite)
-chocolate peanut butter
-yellow cake chocolate frosting
-white sprinkle mania

She also said instead of party favors to take home, each guests just took home some cake. YUM!

images from Heidi flikr


~GG~ said...

Oh my goodness. This looks like it was delicious fun! My mouth waters just by looking at all those tasty cakes. We sent one of those neat singing candles to a family member for their birthday and what a hoot it was hearing about it after he figured out what it was for! Scared them. But all in good fun!

lisa said...

You have a very inspiring blog =)


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