Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 ways to reuse baby food jars as party favors

After raising a 1 year old, you quickly notice how many jars of baby food you go through (up to 3 a day for me). So why not save those cute little jars and reuse them for a party!!

We did it with my 2 year old for her 1st birthday and we are now. again, collecting jars to figure out something fun for my 7 month old on his birthday.

Here are a few neat examples:

1. Hot chocolate in a jar-. Turns out to be a perfect size for a fun serving of hot cocoa.

2. Candle holders- I'm not sure where I got this photo but I love the fabric used here to dress up each candle/jar.

 3. Fill it with a coordinating food/snack with your party for guests to take home.
These are "caterpillar food" jars I made for my daughters 1st birthday with the theme The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I pained the tops, filled them with cereal, then placed personalized stickers on the tops and sides.

4. Plant starter seeds/plants and hand them out to take home.
A friend of mine made these with her son's owl themed birthday party.

5. You can't go wrong handing jars out filled with candy at a baby shower. It's a perfect combo.
Clever idea from Katherine Marie Photography


6.  Halloween party? ... dress them up as mummies or tea light holders to hold candy.

7. With Valentines Day coming up these are perfect!

 terrarium + tea kit

 9. Advent Calendar. I know this isn't really a party favor, but it was good of an idea not to post up. You could adjust the holiday from "25 days of Christmas" to "25 days of Birthday" (an activity or treat count down to your child's birthday???). Possibilities are endless. 

At prudent baby, Jaime shows how to sterilized the jars, sealed them, and make your own tangerine marmalade. Yum! Makes me wish I had a Tangerine tree in my back yard. 


Amy Ro. said...
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Amy Ro. said...

I love using things from around the house in parties so for my son's first birthday I also used his baby food jars. I filled them with red sour candy and glued a blue boa on the lids (the theme was "The Cat in the Hat"). I loved how it turned out and even more that I saved a lot =)

you can see a picture here:

We like to party... said...

Awesome Amy Ro. I love the blue boa, it adds so much!!!


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