Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm baaaack

Did you miss me?
(for the few people that read this) haha

While away, I ...
 ... had a wonderful holiday break
... moved into our brand new home
... hosted friends and family
... now opened the shop back open
and missed the internet for about a month... and it was wonderful.

I hope all of you had a great holiday season

Now, bring on the parties!!!!

During the break a close friend of mine threw her one year old son, Shailym, a birthday bash. It was all about owls, the colors lime green, teal, bright orange and brown, and all things natural and woodsy. I helped her out with a few things but she had the creativity for it all.

It was darling. My favorite part was the re-used baby food jars made into favors: candy for the kids and plant starters for the adults.


The best part about living in Hawaii is you can have parties outdoors all year long!!


I loved how the owl cupcakes turned out
 I wish I had one of those yummy owl cupcakes right now!!



The pictures were taken from a friend of hers.


Chant'e said...

Yay my first FEATURE! haha. Thanks for all your help with the party, it turned out awesome, and you totally helped me keep my head on my shoulders!

Kim Sloan NY said...

Great party ideas! How did you make the seed-starters? Did you start them ahead of time or buy baby plants? Thanks and nice work!

Sheila... said...

She actually planted it out a week ahead (or more) and let them grow out before the party.


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