Monday, December 6, 2010

Host a White Elephant Christmas Party


My husband and I have hosted a few white elephant Christmas parties and they get better and better each year. 

If you've never done one before, here are the rules:

You will want to give your guests some guidance on your invitation. Define what type of "White Elephant Gift" is appropriate for your party.

-under $10
-gag gift
-ugliest ornament
-pick a theme of your own

How to get started:

1) Get a count of participants and draw numbers based on the number of people participating.
Tip: Create your numbers in advance and have them ready to be put in a hat.
2) Start choosing gifts. The person who drew #1 goes first and opens their gift then #2 and so on.
3) After the first person picks each successive person has the opportunity to choose an unopened gift or "steal" a gift from somebody who has already chosen. If your gift is stolen you now get to choose an unopened gift or steal another opened gift excluding the just stolen gift. After the stealing and such as been completed continue on with numerical order until everyone has a gift.

Optional Rules:

-After a gift is stolen 3 times it is "dead" and cannot be stolen again
-the person who picked first has the opportunity to now "steal" after all gifts are opened

-Have everyone attach a gift card or certificate to their "White Elephant" at a predetermined value of $10-$20.

-Have some extra "White Elephants" wrapped and available for guests who forgot to bring a gift. Everyone should participate if possible.

-For office party gift exchanges have a theme related to work related gag gifts that will "help with productivity"

-Have a "door prize" for best or worst "White Elephant Gift" chosen by the senior or oldest person at the party. This should be of value to encourage creativity.

And my favorite part (which we always do) have each guest also bring a pot luck item- a dessert, chips, veggies, etc. That way you have food and fun!

image credit
most rules from squidoo

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