Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Activities for Advent Calendar

As promised, here are our activities for the Christmas Advent Calendar 2011:

{and in case you were wondering what Christmas in Hawaii looks like-photo}

1-Set up Christmas Tree
2-Sip cider
3-Hang stockings
4-Ward Christmas Party
5-Make a swag with real Christmas Tree branches
6-See city lights festival
7-Make felt-ball garland
8-Ride the Christmas train in the mall with kiddos
9-Roast marshmallows by the fire with friends
10-Watch 'The Santa Claus'
11-Take Christmas photos
12-Visit the Temple Christmas display
13-Make orange/clove pomanders
14-Eggnog time
15-Head to the library with kids to pick out Christmas books
16-Make Christmas cookies/gifts for neighbors
17-Host White Elephant Christmas party
18-Romantic candlelit dinner with husband under the Christmas tree
19-Sip hot cocoa
20-Eat a chocolate orange (the ones you whack on the table)
21-Finish holiday shopping
22-Watch a holiday movie as a family
23-Make sugar cookies
24-Read Jesus' birth in the Bible and Book of Mormon
25- a MERRY CHRISTMAS! with a full breakfast, Christmas music, and gifts

Some ideas came from here

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