Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Halloween Costumes

This is what we'll dress up for Halloween this year
(taken at a Halloween party last Tuesday)

We went all oriental on everyone

My son went dressed as a spam and egg Mususbi (a popular local Hawaiian snack- similar to sushi)

He looks like he's just been frightened by something here- ha!

complete with decorative grass

My daughter went as a little Chinese girl (or Kai-Lan in her mind)

I was a Chinese food take-out box

and my husband (who doesn't not like to dress up in any way, but agreed to do this {thank you!}) was a fortune cookie.

He just wore this across his shirt

The best part about our costumes was we reused and made everything we wore. 
Sorry for the bad photos- I realize I'm not a professional :)

What are you going to be?


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