Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Countdown

I love the holiday season (which starts with Halloween in my book). It's a fun time to craft, bake and make traditional treats, have traditions and create memories. 
I've only been married for (not quite) 4 years but we've done activity countdowns every since the beginning. 
Only thing about this year is we now have two kids and not a lot of time :(.
So this year our list is very simple. Here is our countdown from last year while living in Texas:

October Halloween Countdown 2009
01- Make Halloween sugar cookies
02- Go to the county Fair/Celebrate my husbands half birthday
03- Decorate house with bats and shadows
04- Paint/Draw portraits on mini pumpkins
05- Head to the Library, find 5 kid-scary books to read with Kai
08- Attempt this easy apple dumpling recipe
09- Go to the pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins
10- Cut out ghost sandwiches for lunch
11- Make caramel apples
12- Library, 5 more scary books
13- Make an autumn stew for dinner
14- Make a floral treat
16- Carve pumpkins
18- Make and play with green Jell-O
19- Library, 5 scary books
21- Create, make, think of, or get costumes
22- Watch a scary movie
23- I think we'll watch another scary movie
24- Corn maze + hay ride here
25-28th we traveled across the country to Utah
29- Make trick-or-treat tote- My half birthday! eat cake
30- Fast from any sweets and candy today because I'll be eating all of my daughter's candy tomorrow!
31- Trick-or-treat

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