Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simple cakes

I am a big fan of simple design and agree to the phrase, "Less is More".

Here are a few of my favorite cakes (and cupcakes) lately:

Cake Bunting RAMONA
Custom Cake Banner No. 2
Martha Stewart
 Picture of Lego Cake [bettycrocker.com] - Tipnut.com

1. M&M's and a banner by Shim+Sons
2. Rice Krispie+Chocolate (+ recipe) by The Lovely Lady Baker
3. Flags at 15 by Flikr: Chez Larsson
4. Bows and bunting by KikiLaRu
5. Cake Banner by ReadyGo
6. Letter Cupcakes by Martha Stewart
7. Chocolate layer cake (I want to eat that. now!) by YumSugar
8. Balloon bouquet of cupcakes by Family Fun
9. Lego building block cake (+recipe) by Betty Crocker

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