Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY: cone pouch favors

If I am ever in a hurry to make a fast party favor or treat, 
this is what I fall back on. 
They're super easy and super fast to make. 

What you need:
-patterened paper
-double stick tape or glue

1. Cut your paper 5" x 3.5" -or however you want -bigger or smaller the favor

2. Place patterned side of paper facing down and fold over left side about the width of your tape (1/2 inch or so)

3. Place your tape or glue in the pink areas below (on the flap, in the middle of the top side, and the bottom left side of the paper)

4. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise and secure the flap with the tape on the inside of the opposite end (don't crease the right side though).

5. Press and seal the bottom half as well so you're left with a pocket pictured below

5. At this point you will want to fill your favor with your goodies (i.e. jelly beans, chocolate, etc.)

6. Next secure the top half that is opened by pinching the ends together in the opposite direction of the bottom half. Line up the tape and it will be easy.

It should look like this:

These would be great as a Halloween treat or a place/name card on Thanksgiving- just write your guests name on the favor made with some festive patterned paper. 

I'll be using them for an upcoming baby shower.

Happy folding!

via Zakka life

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