Friday, May 14, 2010

Homemade Reeces peanut butter snacks

Thanks to my mom and this recipe, this is what happens to the extra peanut butter in the house. 

sorry, I didn't snap a photo of the latest ones I made. 
They were consumed way too fast
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Homemade Reeces peanut butter balls:

1- 18oz jar of peanut butter (whatever kind you like: natural, reduced fat, extra crunchy, etc.)
1 stick of melted butter or margarine
1 lbs bag or box of powdered sugar
melted chocolate

Mix peanut butter and melted butter together with spoon in a bowl. Add sugar and knead with hands until well blended. Roll into tablespoon sized balls and dip in melted chocolate. Eat. Enjoy. Store in fridge. Eat more.

tip: you can add other yummy extras if you want: shredded coconut, raisins, pecans, M&Ms, etc.
extra tip: this is a great edible play dough recipe too. Just be sure to keep it stored in the fridge.

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