Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY cupcake toppers and Easter plans

My 20 month old daughter has been facinated with our stash of plastic easter eggs for a week already and loves to play "find the Easter Egg" in the house. So this year for Easter should be really fun for her and fun for us to watch. It's good to see how excited kids get about things like that. 

Now that she understands things a little better, I get really excited for holidays like this. For Easter I'm planning on making a note that says "follow the trail"with a string that goes throughout the house and outside and eventually leads to her Easter basket. Got the idea here. We'll also have a late lunch, eat candy, hide and dye plenty of eggs, and enjoy the special day together with family. 

We'll be making cupcakes as well so I made some toppers for us and anyone to copy and print.
Hopefully they will be able to print out ok for you.
(click and print picture)


liko said...

so cute!! and you designed them!!

Angela Brian said...

how cute!
crazy how i just came across your blog and i am already in love and following!


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