Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Day Surprises

With this inspiration from Twig and Thistle
 the possibilities are endless when it comes
 to leaving surprise notes for your Valentine.

Little Valentine notes are probably one of the best and personal kinds of gifts to give [not to mention the cheapest], so here is a list of ideas on how you can spread the Valentine cheer around your house for that special someone or your for kids too.

{OK, so some of these rhymes may be pushing that korny button, but that's what Valentines Day is all about, right? Feel free to make up some of your own and let me know}

  • Toothbrush "I got a sweet tooth for you"
  • On top of the toilet paper roll "This may flush, but you make me blush"
  • A surprise bookmark in a daily read i.e. newspaper, scriptures, planner
  • A note atop the car steering wheel "I wheel-y like you"
  • Tied on the sugar lid {assuming they'd use it for breakfast} "You're my sugar, baby"
  • Inside shoe "I'd walk a million miles to be with you"

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