Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has been on my mind lately, due that the new movie comes out in a week from now. I really like the bold, beautiful colors they play with- very whimsical too- which, in my opinion, is what Wonderland should look like.

I'd love to throw a Mad Hatter -grown up- Tea Party in prep for the big debut, but seeing that I can't find the time, it probably won't happen. At least not before the movie comes out. 

Perhaps for my 28th birthday party!? 
Yes. I think so.

Here are a few items in the making. You can find them in the shop.

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Hats
"Drink me" sticks and flags
"Eat me" cake and sandwich sticks

Printable "Eat me" chocolate wrappers- favors
Alice in Wonderland name/ place cards


Makes me want to find a nice tea set and have a tea party tomorrow. 

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