Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to make a diaper cake

Here are instructions {borrowed and recognized from here} for making the 'spiral-fanned' diaper cake. You can also make another diaper cake like this one and find instructions on-line but...

...But it's harder and more time consuming because you have to roll each diaper. The spiral cake took me about 20 minutes to make. 

Step 1: Use a sturdy round cake pan in the size you want and place a handful of diapers inside (You can also manage without the pan, you just may need another pair of hands to help).

Step 2: Fan the diapers against the side of the cake pan holding them securely with your hand.

Step 3: Keep adding more diapers until you fill the pan.

Step 4: Slide a larger rubberband carefully around the entire tier. (The bottom layer was too big for a rubber band so I just securely tied some string around it)

Step 5: Either save a hole in the middle for hidden baby gifts (you can roll up a cute baby gift, bottle or soft blanket and insert it down the middle of the finished cake) or you can fold and roll a couple of diapers to keep the middle solid. I put in some baby formula that came in a round container about the height of the diapers when laying on their sides.

Step 6: Cut out a piece of cardboard a little bit smaller than the size of the cake pan. Put cardboard on top of tier and flip the entire cake pan over and lift the pan off so you are left with a tier of diapers and the cardboard on the bottom.

Step 7: Repeat the process for each diaper cake tier. Use different size cake pans for a beautiful diaper cake (you don't really need more cake pans, I just had Keoni help me hold them together while putting in more diapers for the second tier.)

Step 8: Tie ribbon around each tier and remove the rubberband by cutting it off after the ribbon is securely tied (I just left the rubberband and string on though).

You can add cute ribbons, flowers, little baby gifts or whatever you want on the cake. Just look up "diaper cakes" on line and you'll get a whole lot of cute ideas. AND........ Voi-LA!

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