Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Balloon Theme Party

 Kids can't seem to stop playing with them while at a party- that's what inspired me for this theme. 

Ideas for invitations
My favorite is:
- blow up a regular balloon and write: YOU'RE INVITED (pop for details)
- deflate the balloon and stuff it with half full with confetti (make sure pen dries before deflating)
- type up the invitation details and information on a piece of paper. Roll it up and also stuff into the balloon.

- fill the balloon up with helium; tie on a string and hand deliver the invite.

Second favorite is:
- blow up balloon and write all the invitation information on the balloon.
- Put in envelope with directions that say something like 'blow up balloon'

I chose the easier method- paper (as pictured):
- cut out a balloon shape on cardstock
- tie on a string
- type up information on back

- Tie a balloon around the ankle of each child and let the kids try to pop one another's balloons by stepping on them. The trick is to keep their own balloon from being popped by others.
- Write challenges on small pieces of paper for each of the kids, "Kiss a friend," "Sing a song," "Do a dance," "5 jumping jacks," etc. Roll up one note in each balloon, blow up balloons, and toss them on the party floor. Have the kids try to pop a balloon. When a balloon pops, everyone stops moving. The guest who popped the balloon must read the instructions on the note and perform the challenge.
- Play "Who can keep the balloon up in the air the longest" or "Who can pop the most balloons."

- Decorate with balloons everywhere! the more the merrier. Tie them to the mail box, front yard trees, along the roof line, down the driveway, around the front door
- Fill the party room with balloons. On the door, along the walls, floating and suspending, spread on the floor, etc.

- Give the kids a balloon bouquet and make cleaning up the decorations easier. Attach regular balloons onto straws, or tie helium balloons onto long ribbons.
- Give packages of variously sized, uninflated balloons with candy in a bag.

- Give the kids a pack of uninflated water balloons to enjoy at home.

- Have lots of round snacks that look like balloons. Round crackers with cheese or peanut butter, carrots and cucumber wheels, spaghetti-Os in a bowl, round sandwiches, etc.
- Attach "strings" to balloon treats using edible things: licorice, string cheese, pretzels, etc.

Remember: Be sure to keep young children supervised around balloons. Uninflated and popped balloon pieces pose a chocking hazard.

And you can get hats, invitations, favor bags and other coordinating items for this ballooned themed party here on etsy with ::Party Accessories::

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Anonymous said...

I love these balloon-themed party ideas, especially the invite inside the balloon! I feature a weekly roundup of favorite, inspiring links, and featured this post this week! Thanks for sharing such fun ideas!


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